PHL275H1 Lecture Notes - Kantianism, Experience Machine, Thought Experiment

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23 Nov 2011
Ethics Lecture
November 16, 2011
Ethics, Animals and Aliens
Spillover: if we treat animals badly, we make ourselves as less
good people
Animals that are raised for consumption, wouldn’t exist if we
didn’t breed them
“Utilitarianism for animals, Kantianism for people”
oUtilitarian: maximizing happiness for all creatures including
oObjection to the Kantian: medium stringent side
oObjection to Utilitarian: if we enjoy eating meat enough,
then we can treat animals however we need to in order to
facilitate that
Better theory needed
What’s our status?
Okay to harm or sacrifice animals and humans [strict
utilitarianism] so they both must go in the same status
The Experience Machine
Hypothetical thought experiment
Brings this up because he starts to ask about whether we have
the right to kill animals
You forgo the ability to live your life in the normal world and you
plug yourself into a machine [BIV]
Nozick says you get to pick the experience so you can have all
pleasant experiences
Point is, would you plug into the machine?
We don’t just want the experience of doing things like in the BIV,
we want to actually do things
Giving up our lives in
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