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Published on 17 Nov 2011
PHL Minds & Machines Sept 20 th
*Any part of the mind that you think will be challenging on a machine*
Descartes: Middle of the 19th century included the success of science and chemistry. The
rational world view emerged and caused reactions.
A book called the laws of thought: In the mid 19th century, the injection of the mental and
physical occurred.
The rise of pragmatism was motivated by the blindness that can lead one to horrors.
The first 40 years of the 20th century was filled with humility.
If you formalize anything like arithmetic, none of us can always get it right. It is possible
to come up with plain arithmetic.
Turin: Was gay, being gay was illegal in England and was arrested. Subsequently he was
forced to take estrogen and it took a toll on him. He committed suicide eventually.
Various people had started to formalize mathematics.
Allonzo Church
Turin gets so much credit because the turin machine shows a deft move on his part; he
introduced a concrete physical idea of the machine. It got everybody onboard because
they saw it as accessible.
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