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LEC19 – Counter Terror Nov 17 2009

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Tom Hurka

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PHL378: War & Morality
LEC19 Counter Terror
Nov, 17th, 2009
! differ from normal combat and insurgency in that it targets civilians
! Lacky pg. 85
! state terrorism: use by governments for intimidation, Iraq Government
! sub state terrorism: Al Quaeda, IRA
! the purpose of terrorism is to spread terror by attacking some ppl. to achieve a political purpose
! Waltzer: pg. 3
! terrorism can also have no political purpose
! random and innocent killing are the crucial to terrorist attacks
! in the article he said terrorists has to be random, but in the book he called certain groups as
terrorists who does not do random killing (code of honour)
! pg. 198-203
! Russian terrorists who kill officials but not civilians
! Stern Gang, assassinates official from Britain, but do not shoot the police
! JWT will condemn terrorisms, as soldiers are not permitted to target civilians, thus civilians
will have even less right to attack civilians
! pg.
! ppl fighting for Independence of Algeria
! terrorist violence (killing oppressor) is necessary for psychological liberation
! Waltzer objection:
is the ratio for oppressor and oppressed 1:1
if that is not the case, does that mean everyone can be psychologically liberated
vicariously by watching someone else kill it
how do you become free by killing children and innocent ppl?
How should we Respond to Terrorism?
! Luban
! 2 models in thinking about terrorism
! law: treat them as criminals
! war: treat them as enemy soldiers
! US war on terror uses elements of each and puts them together in hybrid model
this gives US advantages of both without the restrictions
! but we should either take the law model or the war model and not use hybrid
! pg. 9
! law model you have to prosecute ppl. for their personal involvement and not only based on
their membership to a group that have engaged in criminal acts
! war model everyone is a legitimate target
! pg. 10
! criminal law punishes both conspiracy and the wrongful act
! Waltzer
! pg. 9
! if the police could prevent 5 killings by killing collaterally one person he is not allowed to
kill b/c there is big restriction on collateral damage in the law model
! better let 10 guilty ppl go than 1 innocent person convicted (law model)
! punishment in law model is dependent on their crime
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