LEC22 – Supreme Emergency Nov 26 2009

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Published on 16 Aug 2010
PHL378: War and Morality
LEC22 Supreme Emergency
Nov, 26th, 2009
Bombing of Hiroshima
! Truman cites the bomb of Hiroshima based on number of ppl saved compared to how many
civilian killed
! it is not justified to bomb Hiroshima to save 2 soldiers and kill 1 civilian
! this is b/c the ratio is way to small (proportionality)
! soldiers and civilians lives are not equal
Land Invasion as opposed to Nuclear bomb
! in land invasion, there would be lots of damage infrastructure
! because there was no infrastructure destroyed Japan was able to recover economically faster
! this is a support for dropping bomb on Hiroshima
! lots of civilians would have been killed in a land invasion as collateral damage
Nuclear weapon vs. Conventional Weapon
! Nuclear weapon: always indiscriminate
! Convention weapon: can be indiscriminate
Dual Use Facilities
! used by both military and civilian
! ie. electric generating plant that supports the military and civilian
! ie. bridges, radio stations
! we have to apply doctrine of double effect then do proportionality assessment
! ie. Are we targeting the facility b/c it is military and foresee the collateral damage or are we
targeting it for the civilians. If it is the former, we have to do proportionality assessment of
the harm caused to civilians with the benefits gained militarily form destroying the facility
Dropping Bomb on People
! did we really have to drop it on ppl?
! maybe Japs would have surrendered even if you dropped the bomb on a field or not even drop it
at all
Questions about Unconditional Surrender
1. legitimate goal?
2. if it was a legitimate goal, could it have been achieved without bombing or in less destructive
3. Was it permissible?
! maybe no, because it directly killed civilians
Nuclear Weapon Policy
! 1980 Berlin wall came down
! the development of nuclear weapons make the traditional JWT obsolete
! ppl were concerned about Nuclear weapon in 1950's and 60's
! Mutual Assured Destruction policy (1960)
! if you destroy us we will destroy you
! Nuclear subs on both sides could not be found by either side
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