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LEC24 - Review Dec 3 2009

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Tom Hurka

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PHL378: War & Morality
LEC24: Review
Dec, 3rd, 09
- essay
! 2 hours
! 3 questions from 14 questions
! write every second line
! do not write on same topic you did on essay
! law model vs. war model
! proportionality
Humanitarian Intervention
! is humanitarian intervention a just cause for war?
! intervening in another state to protect the rights violations committed by the government or
permitted by the government
! United Nation's view: only just cause for war is resisting aggression which rules out
humanitarian intervention
! Waltzer: legalist paradigm, states have rights as persons then individual persons are like organs,
and you cannot intervene in another person's organ
! Luben: states derive rights from individuals, vertical & horizontal contract
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