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selecting for disability

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Ethics, Gender and Reproduction Lecture
February 8, 2012
Office hours
Monday 13th 11-12:30- JHB 4th floor
Recap of last week
Disability: means of avoidance
oMeans of avoidance: existing and emerging [ex. blood
oConditions: chromosomal, neural tube and single gene
oThe nature of disability and the dilemma of difference
Medical, minority rights and universalist critiques
oMisinformation in genetic counselling?
oExpressing a negative message about existing PWD?
Normative support for disability avoidance
oPerson-affecting arguments [avoiding negative
consequences for the future of children born with
disabilities and their caregivers?]
oNon-person affecting arguments [maximizing range of
opportunity among the class of existing persons]
oWhen you avoid a disability, you later try to seek a fetus
without a disability so number of people in the world is not
affected- but a number of people don’t try to reconceive
after making the decision to terminate a pregnancy
Postnatal Examples of Attempts to Ensure Disability
Limb-lengthening- breaking the femur and putting a stick in
between and letting the bone grow and repeating to get taller to
be a flight attendant. Is this a disability?
Refusal of cochlear implants?
Flight attendants vs. little people
Prenatal examples
A deaf couple sees themselves as part of a distinct culture and
wants their child to share membership in that culture
Granting a universalist understanding of disability:
Individuals may self-identify as a PWD at a point in time based
on their inability to pursue their desired activities, and identify
with others who have similar needs and face similar barriers
and/or lack of accommodation
Individuals may identify themselves as a member of a societal
culture associated with traits or conditions

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Ethics Gender and Reproduction LectureFebruary 8 2012Office hoursththMonday 13 111230 JHB 4 floorRecap of last weekDisability means of avoidanceoMeans of avoidance existing and emerging ex blood testsoConditions chromosomal neural tube and single geneoThe nature of disability and the dilemma of differenceMedical minority rights and universalist critiquesoMisinformation in genetic counsellingoExpressing a negative message about existing PWDNormative support for disability avoidanceoPersonaffecting arguments avoiding negative consequences for the future of children born with disabilities and their caregiversoNonperson affecting arguments maximizing range of opportunity among the class of existing personsoWhen you avoid a disability you later try to seek a fetus without a disability so number of people in the world is not affected but a number o
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