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Lecture 1 & 2

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Vatche Deyirmenjian

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Topics of course:
1)Classical Mechanism
4)Complex Systems
Look Up: Kepler Mission
The Scientific Method:
Science progresses by observing a phenomenon in nature and developing a model or theory
to explain the phenomenon. The model on theory is then tested in a carefully controlled
A carefully controlled experiment refers to an arrangement in which all of the factors
influencing the systems of interest are quantified.
If the measurements agree with the prediction of the theory then the theory is a good
approximation for explaining the phenomenon.
If the experiments do not agree with the model, then the model needs to be revised.
Classical Mechanics
Mechanics is the study of motion. The following quantities help us quantify the movement
of objects.
The standard unit of length, time, and mass are the metre (m), second (s) and kilogram (k).
The fastness and slowness of an object is delivered by the speed.
speed =change in position
change in time
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