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Lecture 1 - Motion, in 2 columns for easy printing+reading, includes diagrams I drew on the computer

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University of Toronto St. George
Jason Harlow

PHY131H1 Summer Lecture #1 x = magnitude of vector x Motion Instantaneous velocity aka velocity (very small r): Types: Vector v = lim t0 (rt) = drdt [ms] Translational straight line Circular circular path, turning Vector v avg= r1- r0= r [ms] Projectile aka Free-fall following a curved path, the t t only force on the object is gravity Linear Acceleration: vector a The Particle Model change in velocity (vector) not speed ( v, scalar) - Restrict attention to objects in motion over time - Consider moving object as if a single point velocity can change in magnitude + direction without size or shape, no distinction btwn top + find vector a by drawing v bottom or front + back o do this by drawing v n+1 v n v n+1+ (-vn) - Treat as if all mass were concentrated into a o direction of v = direction of a single point this object is a particle o draw vector a at the midpoint of v and v n+1( a = avg a at this midpoint) Motion Diagrams Basically overlaying all frames of a movie strip on Vector a = lim t0 (vt) = dvdt [ms ]2 top of each other 2 Of an object at several instants in time Vector a avg= v 1- v0= v [ms ] More space btwn dots = moving faster t t Faster velocity = longer vector line Mention StartStop if they are there Signs Position (x, y): sign tells where the object is Vector Addition +r : to the right or above the origin (like Vectors = made up 2#s (magnitude + in a co-ordinate axis) directionangle), always straight - r : to the left or below the origin
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