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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 - Motion + Error Analysis, in 2 columns for easy printing+reading, includes diagrams I drew on the computer

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Jason Harlow

PHY131H1 Summer Lecture #2 - Eliminate need to report measurements w Error Analysis + Motion approximately - Give quantitative way or stating your confidence level in the measurement The 4 Equations of Constant Acceleration - Answer = x o = error o 68% sure the actual # is btwn and + o 95% sure the actual # is btwn-2 and +2 Ex. Answer = 10 2 For zero acceleration: o 68% sure the actual # is btwn 8 and 12 o 95% sure the actual # is btwn 6 and 14 Ex. Period of a Pendulum Acceleration - 5 = time for 5 oscillations - Can be negative, zero, or positive if the object is - Period = t 5 stopped (even momentarily) 5 - SI unit = ms per second = ms 2 Graphically: Motion at Constant Acceleration Ex. Free-fall, projectiles (ignore air resistance) - A. Would be error if: o Smaller scatter o Only 1 measurement taken
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