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Department of Mathematics, University of Toronto MAT223H1S - Linear Algebra I Winter 2013 Brief Course Description Welcome to MAT223H1S Linear Algebra I. This sheet answers the most common questions about the course. Please take a few minutes to read this course information handout carefully and keep a copy for your records. This is the ▯rst undergraduate course in linear algebra taken by students from a variety of disciplines. The course covers: systems of linear equations, matrix algebra, vector geometry, vector spaces, rank, orthogo- nality, introduction to linear transformations, determinants, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, diagonalization. Throughout the course, you will have an opportunity to develop your problem solving, reasoning, and logic skills. Students will be required to be able to solve standard computational problems in each section covered, understand all theoretical concepts involved, and be able to do simple, short proofs of particular statements. You will see some interesting and exciting material in this course. If you run into some trouble along the way, please do not hesitate to contact your instructor or TA for help. Lectures/Administrative Information Section Time Lecture Room Instructor O▯ce L0101 T1-3, W1 SS 2135 S. Rayan BA 6256 L0201 T1-3, R1 MP 202 S. Uppal ES 3145 L0301 T1-3, F1 SS 2117 F. Murnaghan BA 6266 L5101 T6-9 SS 2117 P. Samuelson ES 2143 L5102 W6-9 LM 159 M. Mota BA 6168 The course coordinator is S. Uppal - email: [email protected] O▯ce hours: Tuesdays 3:10-4pm, Wednesdays 12:10-2:00pm, or by appointment. The course Blackboard website is accessible through the main UofT portal - All announcements and handouts will be posted on the course website. Please visit the website regularly. Marking Scheme Your ▯nal grade will be calculated by the following formula: Midterm Exam I & Midterm Exam II - 40% (combined), Quizzes - 10%, Final Exam - 50%. Textbook Bernard Kolman, David Hill: Elementary Linear algebra with Applications, 9th edition. There is also a Students Solution Manual for the 9th edition should you wish to purchase it. 1 of 6 Tutorials and Quizzes Every student should be registered in one tutorial section. You must register in one of the tutorial time slots through ROSI before the end of the second week of classes. By the end of the second week of classes tutorial locations will be posted on the course website. Tutorials begin the 3rd week of classes. During your tutorials your TA will discuss tutorial problems" which will be posted on the course website each Friday before your tutorial the following week. The problems are based on the suggested homework problems (see Weekly Schedule below), emphasize the most important concepts, and are meant to help prepare you for the exams. Feel free to ask questions about the problems you have most di▯culty with. Tutorials are an integral part of the course and should be regarded as just as important as lectures. There will be nine, 10-15 minute quizzes and the end of almost every tutorial (see Weekly Schedule below). The quiz will consist of one of two problems based on the suggested problems/tutorial problems for that week. Students are expected to provide their own paper to write the quiz. The marking for the quiz will be out of 2 with 2 being given for a perfect or nearly perfect answer (minor mathematical mistakes); 1 being given for incorrect answers that show a good degree of understanding of the material; and 0 for everything else. Only your best 7 out of the 9 quizzes will count. Each student must attend their assigned tutorial to write their quiz otherwise your grade will be recorded as 0. Midterm Exams There will be two 90 minute midterm exams common to all sections tentatively scheduled Friday February 15, and Friday March 22 from 4:10:-5:40pm with an early sitting from 2:30pm-4:00 pm for those with a con ict. Con▯rmation of exam dates and times will be posted on the course website as soon as possible. If you have a legitimate con ict and need to register for the early sitting of the exams, contact the course coordinator. There will be no make-up exams. Exact details about exam coverage etc will be posted on the website roughly two weeks before the test date. Midterm I & II account for 40% of your ▯nal grade combined. The higher of your two midterm exam grades will account for 25% of your ▯nal grade; the lower 15%. This only applies to students who write both exams. If you only write one midterm exam due to illness, it will count for 20% of your ▯nal grade and your ▯nal exam will count for 70% of your ▯nal grade. If you miss the midterm for a legitimate reason which you can document, your grading scheme will be adjusted by increasing the ▯nal exam component of your mark. The documentation must be submitted to the course coordinator no later than 7 days after the date of the exam/quiz otherwise your grade for the exam/quiz will be recorded as zero. From the Faculty of Arts & Science: "You will need o▯cial documentation that con▯rms you were unable to do what you were supposed to do on the dates you were supposed to do it, i.e., documentation must indicate incapacity, and give the dates or period a▯ected. Generally speaking, the stronger your documentation, the stronger your case...Those doc- tors notes with Patient was ill or O▯ work scribbled on little prescription pads wont be accepted. Also, the Medical Certi▯cate must indicate that the doctor diagnosed and treated you when you were ill; it cannot just report that you told the doctor after-the-fact that you were ill previously." Generally, an illness must be serious enough that it prevents you from writing an exam. For example, a headache is not su▯cient to warrant absence. The only accepted note is a fully completed University of Toronto Medical Certi▯cate. You can ▯nd a copy of the form here: 2 of 6 It must be original and completed by a quali▯ed medical doctor (e.g., not an acupuncturist, chiropractor, or other health care professional). The doctors OHIP registration number must be provided on the note. Under no circumstances can the ▯nal exam count for more than 80% of your ▯nal mark. Questions and Answers Website This term we will be using Piazza for class discussion. Piazza is a free platform for instructors and TAs to e▯ciently manage out-of-class Q&A. On the class dashboard, students can post questions and collaborate Wikipedia- style to edit responses to these questi
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