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Lecture 3

Lecture 3 - Using Newton’s Laws.pdf

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University of Toronto St. George
Stephen Morris

Using Newtons Laws Forces In the basic paradigm of classical mechanics Newtonsequation is combined with another force equation Fundamental ForcesGravity o Electromagnetic force o Maxwells equationsWeak nuclear forceStrong nuclear forceAll the fundamental forces are conservative that is they have a potential energy that is conserved throughout all motionNormal Force Another force is needed to balance gravity to stop objects from falling through each other This is the normal forceso named because it is always perpendicular to the surface the object is resting on It can be thought of as an electrostatic repulsion between objects and is what gives us the sensation of touchpressure The normal force is a contact force which means it operates at the contact surface between two objects rather than on the objects center of mass like a body force wouldNote that the normal force and gravity are not an actionreaction pair Actionreaction pairs are always on separate objects Examples of some from the situation above are pictured below
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