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Lecture 2: Endocrine Principles Intro to the endocrine system. Includes information on diabetes, obesity, metabolic disorders, some basics on hormones and positive and negative feedback loops.

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University of Toronto St. George
Anthony Lam

Physiology Lecture 2 The endocrine system controls bodily functions Hormones such as insulin bind to receptors which trigger intercellular pathways These pathways tell the cell to perform an activity and all the cells which received the hormone communicate between each other to perform a bodily function Hormones can bind to receptors in completely different systems and still have the same effect For example insulin the hormone that controls the amount of blood glucose can bind to the liver or the brain If it binds to the brain the brain sends a signal to the liver along the efferent vagus nerve to decrease glucose production Two of the most common endocrine disorders are diabetes and obesity Causes of these include hypo which is a prefix denoting a lack of a certain hormone or a resistance to the hormone which means that the hormone hasnt enough effect on the victim Endocrine glands are identified through a series of steps First the removal of the gland to create consequences then the gland or its extract is replaced Also extra extract is introduced which should create the opposite consequences of removing the gland Finally the extract can be tested using a biological assay Endocrine glands inclu
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