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Michelle French

Physiology Lecture 1 Sept 10, 2013 the notes only make sense when read along with the slides. If something's on the slides, it probably isn't in my notes. fx = function btw = between can use 5th, 4th, 3rd edition of text CD attached is important PHYSIO EX 9.1 needed for course 9.1 not super important but need the physio ex test material taken mostly from lectures examples significant for test questions up to 30% of term questions are from physio ex. simulate what would occur in a lab situation replicates physiological experiments Physio Ex help sessions start Sept 24th Tuesdays from 5-6pm With a physio grad student Or can participate in discussion board online voluntary Do pre-test questions, exercises and post-test questions Final exam in May is cumulative. And final exam tests equally on things we have already been tested on and stuff we have never been tested on. all questions are MCQs from lectures and PhysioEx READ chp4 CASE STUDY 1 37-year-old woman completed 4th marathon in good time taken to ER 6 hours ago struggling with mental confusion her [Na+] is low Question: cause of low sodium? why does she have mental confusion? how would I treat her? BASIC BODY PLAN on the right is digestive tract middle is heart filtration - blood is filtered absorption - of nutrients from the gut gas exchange - in the blood. o2 coming in. co2 going out. BODY WATER a) everything blue is part of the body beige is lumen of intestine b) intracellular fluid ICF water that is inside cells c) extracellular fluid ECF water outside cells d) plasma is a class of ECF. only found in bloodstream e) ISF component of extracellular fluid 60% of body weight is water. older people have less water because have more fat about 42L in average person not part of body if it hasn't been absorbed yet (water) PARTS OF A CELL emphasis on organelles of cell should know for test fxs of various organelles of cell PLASMA MEMBRANE 2 components: 1. hydrophobic - phosopholipid bilayer water can pass through this using diffusion 2. hydrophilic ions, glucose, amino acids, etc use hydrophilic proteins for transport through membrane also has plasma proteins that are embedded in membrane OSMOSIS -movement of water -osmolarity of cell (particles in cell) is .3M so how many solutes dissolved in cell when you plop that cell in water, solutes will move from high concentration to low concentration water moves from low to high osmolarity in top case, cell expands in low case, cell shrinks because water moves out of cell MOLARITY molarity = concentration of a substance in 1L of solution osmolarity for 1 mole of glucose different from 1 mole of NaCl TONICITY OF SOLUTIONS surgeons infuse isotonic solution during surgery. it's isotonic to blood. has same osmolarity as blood. solutes are impermeable - do not permeate through phosopholipid bilayer cells neither shrink nor swell when that solution goes in my blood. HYPOTONIC SOLUTION OR HYPERTONIC SOLUTION cell will either shrink or swell hypotonic solution - less than 300mOsmoles cell swells hypertonic solution - more than 300milliOsmoles cell shrinks ISO-OSMOTIC does not always mean it is isotonic urea is lipid soluble urea moves from higher to lower concentration till eventually, concentration evens out urea is also osmotically active (is a particle in solution. can dissolve in cell. increases osmolarity inside cell, encourages water to come into cell) urea comes in first then water follows CASE STUDY OF MARATHONER cause of low serum: her serum sodium so low because she drank too much plain water. water absorbed from gut diluted her blood. diluted serum/salt in her blood. if she was dehydrated, she would have higher concentration of Na+ because not enough water in blood. extra water is going to move via osmosis from her blood into interstitial space will go to her liver, kidneys
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