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Michelle French

PHYS Oct 8 2013forebrain is largest part of brain and subdivided into right and left hemisphere cerebrum diencephalonfig 911 sagittal side view our brain is super wrinkly to maximize surface areafig 911 cut brain in half view at any given time we are only using about 510 of our brain medulla oblongata connects to spinal cordCEREBELLUM it has outer cortex and inner nuclei means little brain sits btw brain stem and cerebrum involved in motor coordination and balance thats why people are uncoordinated during a strokeBRAIN STEM connects forebrain and cerebellum to spinal cord composed of midbrain pons and medulla where cranial nerves emanate fromCEREBRAL CORTEX part of forebrain responsible for higher mental fxs fig 912 cerebral cortex is outer most layer that contains both gray and white matter characterized by ridges and grooves convolutions ridges are called gyri grooves are called solciright and left hemisphere are connected by corpus collosum major tract of axons that connect left and right brainif you cut bridge btw left and right brain its called split brain in split brain have patient close eyes and place key in left hand and draw key with right hand person not able to do so because perception occurs in right brain but leftbrain will draw it
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