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Lecture 2

Endocrine Lecture 2 - Classification of Hormones, Control of Release

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Michelle French

Endocrine L2 Nov 14 11Classification of hormonescontrol of releaseWhat are the three main types of hormonesPeptide smaller Prot biggerTRHonly 3 aa long3 amino acidsCan have 1 versionSteroid1 type of hormonederived from cholesterolex Estrogencholesterol backboneAmine derived from single aas tryptophan tyrosinePeptideProtein Hormone ProcessingPeptideProtein HormonesMost hormonesMade in advanceSynthesized like secreted protsStored in secretory vesiclesRelease by exocytosis upon a signalLast step usually increase in cytosolic Ca2fusion of versicle w plasma membraneWater soluble dissolved in plasma but on Disulfide bonds or glycosylation of aasoccasion bound to carrier prot in bloodInsulin secreted as single peptide chain Short half life in plasma broken down in liverprohormonecysteine residues joined by Bind to membrane receptors next lecture disulfide bondsaas cleaved as go into since not lipidsoulblesecretory vesiclemature insulin w alphabeta Ex glucagon long chain of aasmade by strand c peptide inactivepancreascellsFSH glycosylated prot consists of 2 separarelycoded polypeptides joined together during PeptideProtein Hormones synthesis packagingsynthesis process glycosylated glucosesugar releasemolecsFolding similar w membrane protssecreted protsSteroid HormonesSynthesized only from cholesterol precursor from Synthesis directed right to ERdietMsger RNA assembles w ribosome signal seq on Made on demandany of these prots directed to rough ERsignal Released from cell by simple diffusionseqWater insoluble bound to carriers in blood Ribosome start to make prot signal seq madeprevents forming big globs of lipids protected a directs whole complex to roush ER as bit from degradationLong half lifesynthesized fed into ER lumensignal seq Diffuse off of carrier at target bind to cleaved offusually foldingmoves normally receptors thru golgito secretory vesiclereleased Cytoplasm or nucleus receptors by fusing thru only when signalplasma membrane but in some cases also act Preprohormone has signal seq pro part on plasma membrane receptorsrapid chopped off latereffectsActive hormone has pro part taken awayEx Estrogen testosterone calcitriol derivative of Prepro parts have no biological fnVit D progesteroneSingle preprohormone can containSeveral copies of same hormone
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