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Lecture 5

Endocrine Lecture 5 - Water & Ion Balance

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Michelle French

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Endocrine L5 Nov 21 11where filtered fluid from WaterIon Balancefiltrate flows into tubular nephronwalls 1 cells How is water distributed in the bodythickUrine is formed in the nephron by filtration reabsorption secretion55 body weightwater23 in intracellular fluidcells in tissue or cells in blood13 extracellular75 interstitial bathing cell wi tissue25 extracellular plasmaMoves inout of cells by osmosisIf extracellular fluid hypertoniccells shrink water moves outCortex at top medulla at bottomFiltration as goes btwn tissueFluid moves throw proximal tubuleloops of More fat w ageless waterhenledistal tubulecollecting ductAs fluid moves thru components can leave or go How are daily water intakeexcretion inbalancedRed blood cells prots stay in bloodProximal tubulehas glucose salt urea water go into proximal tubuleMost of fluid is reabsorbedCritical for fn osmolarity of kidney dif depending on regionof free particles in solutionSame osmolarity of cortexinitial Drink 22Lday 03L produced by cellular filtrate like blood also tissue around at metabolismbeginning of proximal tubule 300mOsMCant control how much you sweat breathlose Extremely high in cells surrounding loop 09Lof Henle in medulla due to ions being Feces can move more water w intestinal infectionpumped out 1200mOsM15L leaves in urinekey place of water regulationOsmolarity dif causes water to move from lower osmolarity to higher How is urine formedosmolarity2 kidneys at backby the time filtrate gets to distal Receive blood from aorta convoluded tubule filtratehypobranch goes back to heart osmotic 100mOsM less volume much via renal veinsalts reabsorbed as wellOutside cortexin distal convoluded tubulecollecting Inner medullaductmodifications via hormone on Composed of nephronswater permeability how much reabsorbedThe nephron is the functional unit of the kidneyArranged where loops How do hormones regulate water NaK balancecome down at glomerulus loop down microscopic millions in kidneysBlood going into nephronsBranches of renal arteryfinally small vesselbranches into capillaryVasopressin antidiuretic hormone ADH collects into efferent synthesized in the hypothalamus secreted from the arterialbranches into posterior pituitarycapillary network eventually blood collectsgoes back to renal veinBlood flow at glomerulus
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