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Lecture 6

Endocrine Lecture 6 - Pancreatic Hormones

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Michelle French

Endocrine L6 Nov 23 11Pancreatic HormonesWhat is metabolism sum of all chemical reactions in bodyNutrients stored or energy extracted to be used for workStates 1Fed absorptive anabolic making things convert glucose into larger molecs use glucose for energymost efficientPancreas near liver behind stomach near spline2Fasted postabsorptive catabolic break Whitish mass duct that empties out into down glucose fat for energy 4hrs after duodenumeatingPancreatic enzymes bicarbonate secreted into Basal metabolic rate BMRan individuals duodenum exocrineenergy expenditure when resting comfortable Islet of Langerhansrich in capillaries endocrine temp fastedcells scattered throughout pancreas dif typesEnergy balance we control caloric intakeBeta cells wi islets proinsulin secrete insulin exercise C peptideInsulin bind to tyrosine kinase recsignal What are the metabolic processes in the fedfasted pathwaystateAlpha cellssecrete glucagonGlucagon works thru G prot coupled recadenylate cyclasecAMPDelta cellsmake somatostatinInsulinglucagon signal target cells to change gears btwn feeding and fasting metabolismgluconeogenesissynthesis of glucose from noncarbohydrate substrates such as glycerolamino acidsnutrients go into cells could be broken down ex Glycolysis TCA oxidative phosphorylationATPglycogenesisglucose stored in liver muscle fed stateInsulintoglucagon ratio controls glucose homeostasisfatty acids glyceroltriglycerides thru Relative amts of lipogenesis become adipose tissueinsulinglucagon fatty acids used in beta oxidationsmall sectionskeycleaved off enter TCA cycle oxidative Insulin effects phosphorylationATPpredomainte when proteinmuscle degradation when starving to higher insulin to release aasglucagon ratios vice versaReview question 1Insulin tends to be 1 hr after person eaten meal which do you expect higher when to observeglucose higher aGluconeogenesis in the liveralready have glucagon higher lots of glucosewhen glucose bLipolysis in fat cellslowercProtein synthesis in muscle cellsInsulin anabolic is the dominant hormone of the fed dGlycogenolysis in the liverstateSynthesized as typical peptideWhat hormones are produced by the endocrine Binds to receptor tyrosine kinasepancreasReduces blood glucosePromotes formation of glycogen fat proteinMainly promotes anabolic activities
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