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Lecture 7

Endocrine Lecture 7 - Growth hormones & Thyroid hormones

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Michelle French

Endocrine L7 Nov 25 11Growth growth hormonethyroid hormonesGrowth hormone GH stimulates bone growthToo muchtoo little GHMineralized bone at bottomAcromegaly courser features muscle growth Chondrocytes in btwnmake cartilage but no lengthening of bones too much GH in proliferateform bonebone lengthens at Adulthoodsame time have mineralization to lengthen boneGH acts either directly on these tissues or by How do bones formgrowacting on liver to secrete IGFIcan also 2steps bone growth act both can act on these areas to increaseform chondrocytesrecruitment proliferation production of cartilage model of bone matrix prots by chondrocytesalso osteoblasts differentiate producing collagen extracellular matrixto start ossification during mineralizedfetal development Epiphyseal growth plate GF1insulinlike growth factor 1GH directlyable to growth bone here indirectly via IGFI stimulates bone remodelingstays til pubertyBone growth ceases when epiphyseal plate fusesaepiphyseal cartilage in childOsteoclasts dissolve bone cause bone bepiphyseal lines in an adultfusion of resorptionplates no more bone growth no more Osteoblasts lay down bone to enhance cartilage solid bonemineralizationGHIGF act on osteoblastsdirectly or Growth a complex process depends onindirectly recruit so have more Diet geneticsproliferate make more matrix stimulate Hormonesgrowth factorspromote production of RANKL ligand so RANK growthactivatedrecruit new osteoclasts from GHinsulinlike growth factor 1osteoclast progenitorsbone reabsorptionpromote growth GH from birth20Allow to remodel bone overall bone growth Thyroid hormonespromote growth from vs reabsorptionbirth20Insulinpromote growthSex steroidspeak during puberty increase growth eventually end up causing fusion of epiphyseal platesCortisolreduces growthOnly human GF works in humans unlike insulin
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