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Lecture 4

Reproduction Lecture 4 - Sex determination & development

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University of Toronto St. George
Michelle French

Reproduction L4 Dec 07 11SOX9 can enhance own Sex determination and developmenttranscriptionIs the father or mother responsible for the sex of the SOX9 initiates Sertoli cell differentiationchildSomatic cells contain 46 chromosomes diploid22 matched pairs of autosomes2 sex chromosomes XY YboyEggs always have 1 XMeiosis reducesto 23 chromosomesAnswer Father responsible for sex of childSOX9 acts on primordial gonadBlue become sertoli green become germ cellsAt 6 wks fetus has bipotential primordiumSertoli precursors begin to migraterudimentary malefemale reproductive tracts proliferatecluster around germ cellsGrowth factor enhance thisCellular events downstream of SOX9 rapidly Abdominal area above developing limbsBipotential primordium gives rise to gonads1 duct develops the other disappearsNeed presence of Y to drive formation of male testisregression of mullerian development of wolffianDevelopment of testes key role of SOX9What is so special about Y chromosomeHormones regulate sex differentiationHas SRY genepromotes testes developmentSRY allows male to developDeleting SRY of YXY female appears female but is genetically maleSRY gene codes Gene regulatory prot transcription factorBinds to promoter regions of SOX9 geneSRY via SOX9 cause development of testesFunction of SRYSOX9 located on an Development of internal male organsautosome so in both malesfemalesSOX9 acts as master regulatory prottranscription of many prots needed for development of testesdevelopment of sertolis in testes expression of AntiMullerian Hormone
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