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Lecture 2

PSL300H1 Endocrine Lecture 2 Summer 2014

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University of Toronto St. George
Hae- Young Kee

Classification of Hormones and Control ReleaseJune 24 2014623 AMThere are 3 types of homones1oPeptideProtein 3 amino acidsoSteroid hormones derived from cholesteroloAmine hormonesderived from single amino acidsPeptideProtein2oLinked amino acids synthesized like many other secreted proteinsoMade in advance stored in vesicles released by exocytosisoWater soluble dissolved in plasma and lipophobicoShort half life in plasmaoBind to membrane receptors on target celloRapid response to secreted peptideSignal seqhormone 1 copiescleaved peptide fragments Posttranslational processing produces biologically active peptide Synthesis packaging and release1oShows the packaging of synthesis of hormones an inactive hormone stateoThis newly premade prohormone is directed by a signal sequence in which it is cleaved into the endoplasmic reticulumProhormone moved into transport secretory vesicles from golgi apparatus as it moves off the golgi complex it is packaged with the peptide fragment or enzymes to cleave the prohormone to activate it Enzymes are essential to yield an active hormone and the peptide fragment Upon stimulation of the cell and the hormone it can move into the blood Post Translational Processing2oA single preprohromone can contain several copies of the same hormone eg Thyrotropinreleasing hormonePreprohormone HormoneOther peptidessignal sequenceoOne than one type of hormone ProhormoneActive hormone s other peptidesProopiomelanocortinACTH y liptropinbeta endorphinfragment Active peptides released depends on specific proteolytic processing enzymes
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