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Lecture 7

PSL300H1 Endocrine Lecture 7 Summer 2014

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Hae- Young Kee

Pancreatic Hormones June 25 2014646 PMWhat is metabolismoSum of all chemical reactions in the body oNutrients stored or energy extracted to be used for workoAnabolic Pathway Large molecules synthesized from smaller onesoCatabolic Pathway Breakdown of large molecules into smaller onesoMetabolic StatesFed absorptive anabolic energy built into molecules1Fasted postabsorptive catabolic release of energy 1oBasal metabolic rate BMR an individuals energy expenditure when resting comfortable temperature fasted oEnergy Balancewe control caloric intake and exerciseoThese reactions determine the breakdown of food we eatoBreakdown of small and large moleculesmetabolismoCategorized to anabolic and catabolic pathways oBreakdown of large molecules bonds to use their energyoMetabolic rate refers to energy expenditure or usage oHigher metabolic rate just means have a greater burn on energy such as exercise and others increase metabolic rateWhat are the metabolic processes in the fed and fasted state oGluconeogenesis synthesis of glucose from noncarbohydrate substrates such as glycerol and amino acids What hormones are produced by the endocrine pancreasoPancreatic hormones produced by endocrine cellsoAlpha cells secrete glucagonoD cells secrete somatostainoBeta cells secrete insulin amylinLies near the duodenum and functions as a endocrine and exocrine gland Pancreatic alpha cells release glucagon associatedw ith fasted stateoBetarelated to anabolic or fed state Control of glucose homeostasis by Insulin Glucagon RatiooRatio to glucose to glucagon determines whether anabolic or catabolic pathways are dominant
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