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Lecture 8

Endocrine Lecture 8 - Adrenal Gland

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Michelle French

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Endocrine L8 Nov 28 11Recall diverse physiological effects via dif receptors Adrenal GlandeffectorsAdrenal medullamodified sympathetic ganglia innerAdrenal cortexsteroid factory Adrenal cortex specific steroids synthesized in specific zonesWhyAdrenal gland sits on top of kidneysWhat regulates catecholamine release from the adrenal medullaCells look somewhat differentform zona of cortex zonas release dif hormonesZona glomerulosa main hormonealdosterone closest to surface zona reticularis sex steroids most interiorZona fasticulata dif types of glucocorticoids some overlap w reticularisAnswerZones contain different enzymesWhen stressed medulla releases catecholamines epinephrine dopamine into bloodbecome hormones since travel in bloodMain hormone is epinephrine because secreted in sufficient quantity to exert effectsStimulus for releaseactivation of sym nsIn sym ns preganglionic neuronsinnervating medulla so cells neuronallike derived from neuronallike tissue replaced the postganglionic neuronschromaffin cellsWhat is the role of epinephrineCholesterolprecursorMake aldosterone corticosterone cortisol DHEA androstenedionemade by inner adrenal cortexTo get particular hormone made need combination of enzymes in particular tissuedif combos in dif layersWhat are the physiological roles of DHEAandrostenedioneAnswerMediate rapid fight or flight stress responseOverall effectvasoconstriction but less than in intestinesskinEffects exerted thru dif types of adrenergic recs mediated thru dif cell signaling pathwaysWeak androgens 20 activity of testosterone but converted to more potent
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