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Lecture 6

lecture 6

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Doug Mac Kay

06 BloodBrain BarrierSeptember 21 2007 Bloodbrain barrier3 distinct barriers o 1 bloodbrain interstitial fluidbathes neurons o 2 bloodcerebrospinal fluid found in the ventricles o 3 CSFinterstitial fluidthis is not a real barriermolecules freely diffuse between the two compartments chemical concentrations of the interstitial fluid and CSF are similarthe real barrier is between the bloodstream plasma and the interstitial fluid and CSF o wall of the capillaries physically provides the barrier and Nainterstitial fluid has to regulate ion concentrations carefully ex K needs to be kept high o extracellular concentration of Naneeds to be kept very low or else o extracellular concentration of Kthe neural membranes will depolarize and will generate action potentials and then depolarization blocksfreeflowbarrier between bloodstream and interstitial fluid prevents K Ventriclescontain CSF only no neuronsdeep inside the hemispheres of the brainelongated and pairedfour ventricles o lateral ventricles III rd ventricleo IIIth ventricle o IVrdth ventricle and IV ventricleAqueduct of Sylviusconnects the IIIth ventricle and runs down the spinal cordcentral canalconnects the IVCSF is produced in the walls of the ventricles and flows through the
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