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Lecture 13

lecture 13

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Doug Mac Kay

13 Vestibular Olfaction and TasteOctober 10 2007Vestibular apparatusMechanoreceptors in 2 inner ear structureso1 semicircular canalsdetect angular accelerationo2 otolith organsdetect linear forces or accelerations FmaSemicircular canalsSet of 3 on each side of headoriented orthogonally to one anotherhair cell receptors located within ampulla enlargement at end of canalhair cell stereocilia embedded in the cupula which forms a flexible barrier across the ampullaocupula blocks off the canal and the flow of endolymphStimulusRotation of head causes walls of semicircular canals to rotate with head since its embedded in the skulloendolymph inside canals stays putnet motion between endolymph and walls of the canals exerts pressure on cupula in direction opposite to the head rotationpressure bends the stereocilia and hair cells and activates the nerve cellsonly canals oriented within or close to plane of head rotation are stimulatedHair cellStereocilia polarize the hair cell by a gradient in length and kinociliumoOrdered in terms of lengths from short to tallstereocilia are joined by tip linksbending cilia towards longest one kinocilium stretches tip linksdepolarizationopulls cation channels and opens thembending cilia towards shortest one relaxes tip linkshyperpolarizationoion channels closeresting state no stimuliupright slightly opening oslight depolarizationsome vesicles released from nerve cells1
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