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Hae- Young Kee

SUBJECT: ANIMAL PHYSIOLOGY Lecture 3 Gill Chemoreceptors 1. Lower water po2 therefore fish hypoxic, adrenaline and noreadrealine increases increasing oxygen transfer in the gills to localize energy (flight or fight response). Adnergic receptors, pump hydrogen ion for sodium leading to leftward shift and upward root shift increasing the carrying capacity. 2. Do gill chemoreceptors trigger catecholine release during hypoxia and hypercapnia? - stimulation of Ach, 3. O2Chemoreceptors on the Gills can Trigger Catecholamine Release (in trout) - 4. External chemoreceptors are on the first gill arch 5. Cutting nervce to first gill arch have same response 6. Neuronal control of catecholine secretion from chromaffin cells in the rainbow trout Breathing in Amphibians •Bimodal breathers - gills/lungs, water/air •Discontinual breathers •3 chambered hear • Blood shunting - diferential direction of blood betwee the pulmonary and systematic circulations. •Can shunt blood from one system to another and unequal blood flow to the pulmonary and systemic circulations •Rely on gills and skin for uptake and c02 excretion
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