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Sept 25 lec

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Sarah Trimble

bPg 3slide 3: -sth in cytosol mediating this process. Sth uses ATP. ATPase involved in this process. The donor is inacapable of glysolating protein. The acceptor can glycosylate but doesnt have proteins. G protein is sensitive to endo H. golgi extracts. Longer u leave the WT protein, the more resistant the protein is. PG 4 slides 1: -fraction wid highest activity NsF. If trated wid poison.. it kills the activity. It attacks ATP in cytosol. NSF might b an ATPase. NEM kills the activity of cytosol. So he takes poisoned cytosol and adds fractions ofnon poisoned cytosol. One protein, called NSFprotects the cytosol from One proteinit had all the activity in it. He made an antibody against it. So antibody can deplete the activity. So the actual protein is NSF in active form. -first component of fusion machinery Complementary approaches: - eg. Fusion machinery must include sth on synaptic vesicles. Others were using yeast genetics. Mutation in yeast that didnt secrete properly. NSFstructure: -its atp ase. -2 binding domains. D1, D3. NSF acts as heximer. N terminis domain is protein protein interaction. NSF binds to membranes vis aSNAP. -ATP ase can only bind to membranes in presence of non hydrolysable atp and sth else. -sth on the membranes that NSF and SNAP stick to. Sth in the membranes thats a SNAP receptorso he called them the he wanted to find snares. (diagram) -presence of ATP and presence of non-hydrolysable atp Identification of SNAP receptors -(chose brain cuz richer source of snares) -everything bound toNSF is guna fall off. Imp for fusion step. SNAP-25. This cud b the fusion machinery.
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