JPA331Y Feb 28th Notes

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23 Mar 2012
Documentary Films
The Warriors of Qiugang
-film is directed by woman named Ruby Yang or some shit, shes chinese
-very well made documentary, nominated for academy award last year
-taks about this village qiugang, alot of people die of cancer, the suspected
cause was polluted river from this factory
-so this guy, called jiang gong li, an ordinary farmer didn't have shit education
but very persistent and perserverant against local govt
-enlisted help of local NGO to attract media attention, gather evidence against
polluting factories
-China's environmental problems - which have triggered alarm worldwide --
have also teiggered protests and activism in Canada
-in Anhui Province,
-Spring 2007: volunters from green anhui a local environment group.
-chinese don't lack ideas, just dont want to be first to act on them
-chemical plants moved in 2004, they started production, the people had to
stay indoors, sad times.
-worried about children, some grandson has been feeling unwell.
-the families cant afford to move,
-the village gets more cancer than others, says zhang gongli, the leading
-the grain in the fields also get polluted accordin to gongli
-they mill the affected grain, but they still mill and sell them even tho they
dont want to hurt people, they need money to survive
-when inspections come, facotry shuts down for few days, but then shit starts p
-some 87 year old woman marks on her wall everytime 1 person dies related to
the factory's pollution
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-in 2004, chemical companies set up in quigang, they produce pesticides and
-Jiucaluo Company = produce some nasty chemicals
-*picture of thousands of dead fishes
-the chemical go through baojia waterway, affecting 40,000 villagers
-the village head is a rich family, is the newphew of some woman confessing
-the factory gives the village head money, bribing him
-Zhang gongli,'s field mad damaged, he did file for damage reports.
-the walls of juicaluo company is basically the wall of the village, the plant
occupies a third of the village space
-the wastewater flows into the property of Zhang's house, its sad times during
-peach trees bear no peach
-all the fish in the pond dies
-have the village tried petitioning, some lady says we have no leader, dont
want to waste money, dont know how to read or write, how can these poor
chinese villagers fight against them
-gong li thiinks nice handwriting will get to the municipal or povivincial office
-in 2004, gong li filed for local suit against the factories, he filed again in 2005
and still lost, he learned some basic laws on his own.
-before 1970, the landscape was beautiful, many fruit trees and the river had
awesome fishes
-but it can only exist in memory now says gongli
-in 1970s, small pesticide factory move in: it slowly expanded and became
state-owned, at end of 2003, the factory was sold to private company called
jiucaloao, they destroy water soruces, ruin air supply, wanted to sue them but
if u try to sue, all kinds of shit happens
-village leader went to plant to protest in 2003, but villagers were attacked and
beaten at the factory, the villagers tried to throw stonres, but they got
terrorized by thugs sent by the factory, many got breaten, broken noses and
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