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23 Mar 2012
China-Taiwan Relationships
-china taiwan relations is crazy
-the political intensity is equivalent to like palestine n israel
-buncha reasons why they should remerge, buncha reasonss why taiwan feels
they are independent
Video she shows (Discovery Taiwan)
-shows buncha taiwan-based tribes n shit, mad cute
-stupid history video that is abit comedic
-was once called Formasa which means beautiful island.
-dutch and spanish apparently landed in 2 tips of taiwan during voyages of
discovery, b
-later Chinese comes in and owns the place
-Chinese still the major population of Taiwan ergo we should own this place
-later taken by Japan and shit.
China-Taiwan Cross-Strait Relations
-not gona cover extensive history of Taiwan, but it is complicated, been
colonized in various times, China is only one of them, it also has its own
indigneous people
Political History of Taiwan
-today about 360k indig ppl in Taiwan
-portugese called it Formosa, thus taiwan also known as formosa
-1662, general from China Zheng Chenggong went to taiwan, ripped the dutch,
and initiated 1st wave immigration from mainland to Taiwan, most came from
-some of these chinks married aboriginal women naturally and setled down
-1644-1911, the manchus ruled china and established qing dynasty.
-the dynasty was strong and attained military control over taiwan in 1885, so
taiwan part of China officially in 1885,
-1st sino-jap war 1894 to 1895: China loses.
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-(just look at slides here)
-KMT established ROC, and mass immigrants of KMT went there too
-1st wave immigration very early, 2nd wave is when KMT went there.
-1st wave spoke taiwanese/fujianese
-2nd wave with KMT spoke mostly mandarin
-so same ethnic group, but different identities.
-those after 1949 feel they more affinity with China, since same language, and
their living memjory and family members in China
Taiwan's national identity
-history of taiwan gives rise to a very complex national identity. Taiwanese
who are ethnically Chinese (came 1st wave), these are called Bunshunren (ppl
who came earlier and speaks taiwanese). The 2nd group (mainland chinese)
who came to taiwan in the 40s, they speak mandarin chinese, considered
-signiciant difference in political loyalty in whether or not they were born
outside or inside China.
-now taiwanese 3 groups acording to their views of cross-strait relations: those
who support independence, those who support merge, those who support
ambiguous relations with China
-remember that Taiwan has no international recognition, its not soverign state,
its not part of China, and theres actually people who likes the grey, the
-to understand these positions, it is useful to draw distinction in history and
-history has to do with WHO YOU ARE, WHO YOU COLONIZED BY ETC
-pragmaticism has more to do with WHAT IS OF MSOT BENEFIT TO YOU?, a
calculation of cost and benefit, will independence bring taiwan more benefits?
Will maintaining status quo be of most benefit.
-those who take historical view are in support of reunification
-pragmatists have no ideological conviction, they believe in progress and
change and they are motivated. They believe status quo and independnece
-age 40 and below are pragmatisits.
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-those who belong to first group like people who believe in history share a
fundamental belief, they think ethnic identity is equivalent to political identity,
they think being Ethic chiense is to eventually become China, therefore must
become part of China
-pragmatists sees political and ethnic identity interrelated but not necessarily
identical. One does not need lead to other. One can be ethnic chinese and be
citizen of canada or US.
-the first group, people who identify with history, identify the PRC (China)'s true
border including those that Qin took, which would include taiwan, mongolia, hk,
macau, etc. It is the ambition of every regime these guys claim to reunite the
-there are those who are very nationalist attitude toward China, these who
thinks like when Qing at strongest, that China will have to eventually reunite
these territories as part of the country.
-these historical nationalists see the independence movement of taiwan as
instigated and influenced and fanned by international western people trying to
undermine China.
-Status quo and pragamtists thinks China's imperial argument doesnt exist,
that Taiwan was under Japan for 50 years. The opposing argument here would
say that that period doesnt count cause China was forced to abdicate the
power to China.
-prof says the the Japs got huge influence in Taiwan, the message here is that
culturally, Taiwan is really quite unique, so don't easily discount it as part of
China, its collective of Chinese, taiwanese and whole lots of other shit.
-yeah so it's mad complicated, the taiwanese identity.
Taiwanese Attitudes toward Cross-strait relations
-KMT - pro re-unification
-DDP- pro independence
-ppl's first party - defected from KMT -
-KMT and ppl's first are known as pan-blue
-the ddp are pan-green
-Kaishek and CHingkuo mainland born, favoured reunification naturally.
-in 80s, Lee Teng-hui took over, went about a diplomacy drive to get
independent identity for Taiwan, in early 90s, tried to get seat at UN assembly
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