Oct 12 Lecture Notes

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13 Oct 2011

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011
U.S.A. cont’d
Contradictory trends
Change on some fronts and hardly any change on other fronts
Almost no country in the world where the issue of contradictions are more
applicable than the US
Obama’s contribution to ‘It Gets better’
oSee more bad news than you do good news
oSee the spread of legislative moves and state level constitutional moves to
prohibit same sex marriage and in some cases prohibit all forms of same
sex relationship recognition
oMeasures prohibiting same sex marriage are labeled DOMA (defense of
marriage act) super DOMA (covers S.S.R.R.)
o19 superDOMAs 10 DOMAs (more than half of US states)
oonly 12 US states do not have one or another prohibition on the
recognition of same-sex marriage
in most cases these prohibitions were passed by large majorities in
legislation or referendums
osame sex marriage is coming to be a norm but the extent of opposition in
US is huge compared to western Europe
oPublic opinion:
Over 50% of Americans argue that gay sex is wrong- morally
disapprove , not the same as rights questions
US distinctively conservative on sexuality issues
But the other side:
Increasing number of states recognizing ss relationships
Steady expansion of states in the US that recognize ss relationships
since 1989- about 19 states and pattern is continuing below
Moral traditionalists are retreating to marriage as the line but will
relinquish everything else
oState level marriage doesn’t affect anything under federal jurisdiction
You can be married in one state but not be eligible for spousal
benefits since that is under federal jurisdiction
oIn other countries same sex marriage became a national regime however
not so in US
oFederal level:
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