Civil and military relations

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Published on 7 Dec 2010
Political Science
December 6th 2010
Civil Military Relations and Democracy
x Civil military relations are at the core of political problems
x Conflicts between the military and the government make up the prime division of societies
institutional problems
x dZu]o]Ç[compliance with civil demands factor into the power equation of a state
x Violence is a necessary tool in statecraft
x ^]uÁZ}ZZ]PP]lUµ]uu}ÁZ}]Á]vP]vP]X_
x oo(]ovuÇUZ}ÁZ}}v[Àµovo}he armies of others (vulnerable to
other states interests)
x Modern states are the result of the transition from feudal to mass armies
x Feudal army: an army made up of the nobility and their supporters
x Mass Army: citizen army; fuelled by patriotism and popular support
x Professional army: volunteer army of trained professional soldiers.
x Draft army: force composed of individuals who under a state obligation to serve for a given
x Armies are necessary for the preservation of state interests
x Problem: Guarding the guards?
x To properly control the military, you have to properly define the soldiers commitment;
governance of a soldiers thought
x The latter model implies a close relationship between soldier and civilian life
x The second (objective) model consists of a separation of soldiers and civilians; this army obeys
the will of the citizenry
x Professional model knows its problems when you try to get the army to perform civilian tasks
x Other problems occur when you get the military to formulate and execute policies
x Dov[lU}v[oo}o]Ç]]u}v(}ZÀ]}v}(u]o]Ç}]}vvµ]vP
their secrecy
x In poor states the military is subject to state corruption, overbearing demands, and social
x On the whole it is necessary for the military to be separate from the citizenry to assure effective
proceeding in state policy
x The various levels of political and military hierarchy assure that there is no coup d[état
x A problem with poor countries is that they are stuck in a ^rebellion cycle_ (democracy, chaos,
military action)
x Armies have no interest in state control, they have interest based on their respective states
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