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Political Science
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Jeffrey Kopstein

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POL 101 11/15/10
On immigration, Citizenship, and Multiculturalism, Lecture Eight
International migration is a political ceiling,
Immigration is a political process, into among of nation state
Crossing board is not legal
Inequality, most other countries in the world lack of all the qualities of these
Inequality is a push factor
Pull factor is the relative wages, and relatively higher standard of living
Change of government------refugees
Because of civil wars, the push factor is political
North Korea can not let people exist country
There is no international right to entry, this a core of immigration policy,
All the immigrates are works, and are culture presents
Organize labor on the left, thats about immigration
What is multiculturalism?
A social fact-Canada is multicultural, in terms of linguistic, religious, cultural diversity
Origins and development of Canadian
Ethnic pride,
On citizenship
z What is citizenship?
z Core concept in the study of politics
z Can have political, economic, social dimensions
z Here we restrict it to the political: the citizens enjoys the rights of citizenship, above all in the
national political sphere
z 3 models: republican, ethnic, and imperial
z Trend toward convergence on liberal definition in Ne
z Mixed views of dual citizenship
z Citizenship policy: naturalization (number of years, criminal record loyalty andd allegiance
requirements, language and citizenship tests)
z Revaluation of citizenship in Europe
Academic literature
Has been expansionary and concretionary
Expansionary, every conceivable activity and/or group identity has become citizenship/: global
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