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civil and military relation

Political Science
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Jeffrey Kopstein

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Problem of the Guardians
Democracies still live in a world of states
From feudal to Mass armies
Draft vs. professional armies
Who guards the guards?
What is the mode of control of civilians over the military?
Huntington subjective vs. objective
Coup of 1020 was the problem lack of subjective vs. objective military control?
Article about McChrystal was problem subjective vs. objective control?
Recent debate: dont ask, dont tell
Military in poor democracies
Corrupt states
Weak institutions
Overloaded with economic demands
Raw social power confronts the state
Coup detat
Military In Rich democracy
Increasingly professionalized
Special case of US: spends more than most combined
Obedience to authority
Ultimately comes down to a question of why people obey
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