POL101Y1 Lecture Notes - First-Past-The-Post Voting, Party System, Canadian Nationalism

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30 Nov 2011
*February 28th*
* *
Federal and Provincial Parties and Party Systems
- 12 party systems in Canada, Federal, Provincial, and Nunavut
- Many of the provincial parties arose because of the power of the
Federal parties
- Sometimes possible for MPs to serve as MLAs as well
- Provincial party systems different from Federal, and from one
another because Provincial societies, history, and economies are very
- They also all share in common one thing, and with the Federal
Parties, strong executive, single member plurality system (FPTP)
- Federalism leads to dual images of the parties, and duel policies
Two Models of Federal - Provincial Party Relations
- Provincial parties are not hierarchically inferior to the Federal
- Operations of parties, Fed and Pro, parallel the Canadian system of
- Provincial parties are autonomous and independent
- Relations are heavily influenced by which one is in power, or if
both are in power, or if neither are in power
- A weak provincial party not in power may depend on their Federal
level whom may be in power
- If both are in power they may fight
- Difficult to convert ideologies from one level to another level
(provincial to federal)
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