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Lecture 3

Lecture 3 Notes

Political Science
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Nikola Milicic

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Democracy, War, Peace Lecture #3
The Rise of the West and Marxism:
What is the West?
-Economic advancement began in the Belgium, Germany, England Region (the northwest
Origins of the modern world economy:
-Two revolutions during 16th and 19th century, the agricultural and industrial revolutions
-These were big changes in the structure of economies, (no overthrows of
-Agricultural revolution took place over a very long period of time. What it really refers to is
radical changes in the way farmers grew their crops. The amount of seeds you needed to
save went from like 1 in 3 to 1 in 20, thanks to changes in technology.
-This change took Flemish and English farmers about 200 years.
-Industrial revolution happened much quicker. Late 18th century, started as a textile
production boom in England. They started producing raw cotton in factories and essentially
made a 50 fold increase in production cotton.
-Iron mills were established to create steel. From 1788 to 1830 production grew 10 fold.
-What does it mean?
Consequences of Revolution
-Luxuries came to become necessities then they became decencies. Society was one of
surplus, for the first time in history.
A huge plethora of goods and stuff became part of the culture. Ex: Seasonal changes in
-This was the rise of the middle class. (consumers)
Social Results
1) From scarcity to surplus.
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