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POL101Y1 Lecture Notes - Cuban Missile Crisis, Nikita Khrushchev, Payment

Political Science
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Jeffrey Kopstein

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Political Science November 29th, 2010.
Cold War Realism
Reading: Don Munton and David A. Welch, The Cuban Missile Crisis - A Concise
History, pp.32-83
Cold War: Origins
End of WII – Division of Europe:
Hungary 1956 – 1953 Stalin dies – other countries within Soviet block seek
independence & est. independence; Yugoslavia not part of Soviet Union
Hungary wants to leave S.U. -> kick out leader and put in refined communist
leader – fall 1956 – November Soviets strike back: send in tanks, arrest Rakifshi
Hungarian Revl’n
Division of Germany – East (communist) west (liberal democratic) West Berlin –
Britain, France, Allies; East – Communist. Summer 1961 east Germans losing
people thus building of Berlin Wall to prevent east Germans from leaving
Berlin wall – 2 walls, 12 ft high, landmines, attack dogs, serious border
Freidrichstrade (Checkpoint Charlie); Dreilinden (Checkpoint Bravo)
Cold War: From Confrontation to Stalemate
Nuclear Weapons. Weapons of a new kind?
Difference between deterrence and defense: what are nuclear weapons good for?
This diff critical part of military strategy and statecraft; weapons only used to stop
other side from using their weapons OR to prevent from being completely overrun
MANNU – data on nuclear weapons – means of delivery (missiles, subs,
US Monopoly 1945-1949
US Superiority 1949 – 1968: Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) – Russia have
enough to make it scary for US - destruction is mutually assured: key is second
strike compatibility
Parity 1968-1991: economy and nuclear parity b/n US and Russia
Nuclear Capacity
US: total number of nuclear missiles built, 1951- present: 67 500
# of nuclear bombers built, 1945- present: 4, 680
peak # of nuclear warheads and bombs in the stockpile/year, 32, 193 (1966)
# of attack (SSN) and ballistic missiles (SSBN) subs (2002): 53 SSNs and 18
Soviet Union: 1951-1989: approx 42 000
Korean war, Vietnam war, Guatemalan civil war, Angolan Civil war &
Afghanistan = Proxy wars for US
What is Realism?
Theory that States act according to their interests not ideas, ideals, emotions
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