Immigration, Citizenship, and Multiculturalism

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16 Feb 2011
Nov 15 – Immigration, Citizenship, and Multiculturalism
International immigration has to be distinguished from migration
By crossing an international frontier, one changes their membership status
-From being a citizen to being an il l egal alien
One of the key drives of international migration is material inequality
-Relatively higher standards of living act as pull factors
-Although some of these opportunities (i.e. cutting fish heads) are poor relative to our standards,
they may be an improvement in an international scale
Strange Bedfellows
Just about every country allows their citizens to freely leave (except North Korea)
-However, there is no international right to immigrant
-Sovereign states have the right to de cide whether or not to let you immigrate
What drives immigration?
-Employers like immigration; vice versa for employees
oEvery immigrant is a potential worker
-All immigrants are a cultural presence
oEmbraced by cosmopolitans
What is multiculturali sm?
A social factCanada IS multicultural, in terms of linguistic, religious, cultural diversity
A normative position about how society should be ordered
Ethnic categories segregate individuals and fail to give us a homogenous identity
-Creates ghettos
Multiculturalism has not led to the demise of national identity, rather the majority of people polled
claimed that they were proud of being Canadian along with celebrating their own origins
Citizenship is a core concept in the study of politics
3 models: republican, ethnic, and imperial
-Republi can: its not about who you are, its about what you do; just about anyone can become a
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