POL101Y1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Duncan Campbell Scott, Murray Sinclair

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POL101 - Lecture 3 - The Indian Residential School System in Canada
Truth and Reconciliation - Canada
Justice Murray Sinclair
chair of the truth and reconciliation of Canada
Education and schools - the vision
Education was important to aboriginal people from the outset of the confederation in
1867 - during the negotiations
First treaty ordered the natives surrender the title of their lands for financial payments
first nations asked that there be an education clause
treaty #1 of 1870
to build schools on each of the reserves -
confederation was changing the relationship between the natives and the canadian govt
government believed that the aboriginals were uncivilised and were socially - culturally
intellectually inferior
The indian problem
John A Macdonald
debates of 1883 - he is simply a savage that can read and write
so take away the children from the parents and take their children to industrial schools
industrial schools were used for delinquents to teach them physical labour jobs
thomas moore example
they dressed up the kids in the before photo as savages and after photos as civilised
for propaganda ^
dr duncan campbell scott - objective to assimilate all indians into the canadian culture
multi - generational approach
remove childrens from their homes
indian act was amended to force the children to go to residential schools
those parents who would resist - they would be punished and prosecuted
john a macdonald’s - starvation policy - refused to issue rations until they sent their
children to residential schools
indians weren’t allowed to leave the reserves - can’t hunt - can’t leave etc
Parents wouldn’t believe the children
because they wanted their kids to have education
churches influenced them to deny -the kids
actual education:
no curriculum
limited reading - writing - and arithmetic skills were taught
teachers weren’t really trained - just there to indoctrine the kids of white culture
all this was hidden from canadians
media didn’t cover it regardless of the evidence
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