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Lecture 11

Lecture 11 Nov 27 07

Political Science
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Jeffrey Kopstein

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Advanced Liberal Democracy: from inclusion to Radical inclusion:
Welfare states and system stabilization (invention of macro-economics):
Who gets what? In the redistribution, reshapes the political arena.
The existence of socialized medicine.
Usually benefits the middle class Ex. University levies
Reason welfare advocates argue against welfare only for the poor b/c political support for the welfares
will disappear if they do not target everyone
All interests are legitimate and all can be pursued in the public sphere:
Fiscal crisis of the state?:
Capitalism created economy. When ppl failed in economy, it was his/her fault, didn¬t had to do with
the government. Ppl began to understand that government is responsible for the economy. When the
economy goes bad, that becomes a political issue. Our system has evolved into universal wealth for
political stability. Universal wealth is the amount that government must pay to its ppl through
distribution in order to ensure political stability. If the universal wealth is taken away,
Conservatism (virtue and market varieties): critique of relativism and statism
Welfare state vs the market (globalization and state autonomy)
Multiculturalism (critique of ethnically neutral state) vs (liberal individualism): ¯reasonable
Environmentalism (critique of freedom as need creation)
Feminism (critique of political situation to oppression through citizenship: personal is political)
Liberal democracy is based on individual rights, division gender of labour. Women are forced to bear
the burden and child bearing. They face systematic discrimination. Therefore any resolution to this
problem requires political and when males take equal part in family life and in raising children (child
care and nurturing). It is all because of that personal is political. That cannot occur when laws and
rules are fixed. How to make that happen? Make legislation.
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