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Lecture 13

Lecture 13 Jan 8 What was Communism

Political Science
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Jeffrey Kopstein

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Lecture #13 jan 8, 08
What was Communism?
Lenin: Party as an organizational Weapon
Stalinism: Making the Profane Sacred
Stalinism and the Theory of Totalitarianism (arbitrary power, police over party)
Theory of ¯military° state VS. developmental state.
Stalinist politics and policies: industrialization and terror
Lenin realized that the working class was intensely corruptible. Full time revolutionaries (identity).
Organizational weapon. Party is the charismatic organization. Ideal instrument for making the
Building a modern society Vs making a revolution, seize power and transforming the society. Stalin,
Lenin¬s successor was brutal and terrorize the society. He defined new combat task. Stalin was able
to define new task for party, making a revolution by transforming a society. Steel, electricity, military,
creating a city. Stalin commanded the party to do this. All social organization became subordinated to
that goal. Art, culture, science involved in making modern soviet society. The building of industrial
society was successful. Justice VS Injustice. A type of rule, relied on modern technology and
bureaucracy. Totalitarianism, hitler and stalin were enemies looking at power how it is organized in
Nazis and soviet. The use of technology and demonization, terror and arbitrariness. The secret police,
KGB has raised in power over the party itself. Power was not total, but the claim was total in the
theory of totalitarianism. The society was completely penetrated by the state. Everything was
subordinated to the state. The point of all of this was to create a powerful military. The way they treat
the internal society, but what they do with it. Very good at defending from