Lecture 14 Jan 15 Post-Communism (Between democracy and dictatorship)

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Lecture #14 Post-Communism (Between democracy and dictatorship) jan 15, 08
Initial similarity and difference Outcomes
How similar were they?
Democracies: raucous and contentious
Autocracies patrimonial rule
Hybrid Regimes: caught in between
Post-communist tasks: 1) create viable institutions of political representation 2) create institutions of
market economy 3) find a viable way for different ethnic and national communities to live together.
3 different kinds of regime outcomes emerging in countries
1) Democracies: regime types that are visibly same as Western
2) Autocracies: not very far from authoritarian, no freedom of speech, no election: leader¬s personal
followers tend to rule
3) Hybrid Regimes: election, half way between democracy and Autocracy, create viable institutions of
political representation, create a market economy out of a non-market economy, state ownership.
Democracy: Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania,
Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine (?), Macedonia
Autocracy: Belarus, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Russia (?)
Hybrid: Armenia, Georgia (?), Serbia, Albania (?), Ukraine (?), Russia (?), Moldova, Kyrgyzstan
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