Lecture 19 Feb 26 Democracy and Poverty-Theory and Evidence

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Published on 9 Aug 2010
Lecture #19 Democracy and Poverty: Theory and Evidence Feb 26, 08
Paper: Due March 11
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- Class ID: 2050677
- Password: kopstein
- March 11 in class in paper, and also online
- Submit on the same day to both
- Can poor countries be democratic?
- Poor countries had GDP per capita less than $2000 per year
- PPL in poor countries are worried about the quantity of life rather than the quality: food, shelter
- 1913-1985 the rich got even richer and the poor got even poorer
- since 1985, there were two important changes: 1) China, growing 7%-10% a year 2) parts of Latin
America are growing and getting wealthier: Brazil, Argentina, Chile
- Even still, parts of Africa, Latin America, Asia are still poor, subsistence for daily survival
SLIDE #1: Political Economy
- From Aristotle to Marx
- Lipset and Modernization Theory
- State of the Art: Przeworksi and Limogi
- But what is the casual relationship
- Do certain kinds of conditions overcome ¯prerequisites°? (institutions, culture, global assistance)
- Scarcity and Political Order: the relation have been recognized
- Aristotle, ¯As society become wealthier, it is easier for the ppl to participate in the political order°
- Household was appropriate for women and slaves, it was necessary in order to become a citizen
- Satisfying the basics of life and exercise in the role in democracy
- When ppl started to establish the question ¯what is the relationship between scarcity and political
- Lipset took aggregate domestic figure and ¯the wealthier the country was the more likely it was to be
democratic° (modernization theory): concentrate on the economic development, secure democratic
non-communist countries, achieve economic growth
- As the country becomes richer, it may also not become democratic along the way because getting
richer might make the country unstable
- In 1993, Przeworksi and Limogi argues that a country can become democratic anytime, no matter
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