Lecture 23 April 1 Terrorism

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9 Aug 2010
April 1st, 2008
NOT TRUE: poor people become terrorists
TRUE: people who are un-integrated (unemployment/ on the margins due to family, economic or
choice circumstances) of their given societies
thus the people who carried out 9//1 are middle eastern men who were living in Europe and US
but were not integrated into those societies and viewed themselves as outside the societies
our societies are capable of producing marginality
rich societies have better and more integrative methods than poor societies
global downward mobility is seen for middle eastern countries while east asian countries catch up
with the anglo American countries
Political Challenge
are countries with Muslim majorities systematically less democratic
data from Freedom House
muslim countries: 2.61 out of 7 (7=most free, 1= least free)
non-muslim countries: 4.74
polity score (-10=autocratic, 10=democratic)
muslim: -3.11
non-muslim: 4.86
economic development (2=lowest income, 4.66=highest income)
muslim: 3.00
non-muslim: 3.32
sociocultural division
muslim :0.55
non-muslim: 0.47
economic performance
muslim: -0.73
non-muslim: 0.78
british colonial heritage
muslim: 7/47
non-muslim: 24/109
communist heritage
muslim: 8/47
non-muslim: 20/109
OPEC membership (oil resources seen as bad to democracy)
muslim: 10/47
non-muslim: 1/109
economic development, OPEC membership (4%) and Islamic religious tradition are the main
variables affecting democracy
What Explains this?
lack of trust
violence (from domestic murder rate etc.)
like or dislike of democracy
none of these are statistically significant
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