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Lecture 24 April 8 Review

Political Science
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Jeffrey Kopstein

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POL103: Review
April, 08
Final Exam
two essay questions: broad and interpretive
20 MC
comprehensive but concentrate more on part of the course after the midterm
2-5pm, Benson Building, April 22nd
Part 1: Marx & Weber
origins and causes of modernity
class bourgeoisie over feudalism
economic power -> social power -> political power
role of ideas
capitalists and protestantism had an elective affinity which reinforced each other
the ideas in common are delayed gratification
leading of sober, rational, and orderly life which may ultimately to a better end (but you do not
know for sure)
legitimacy based on 3 modes:
legal rational
based on contracts
time immemorial
force of personality 0f leader
dynamics of change
Western Europe: Institutions and Development
Britain & Canada v.s. Germany & US
Constitutions (ancient (unwritten) vs. modern (written))
parliamentary vs. presidential: Britain vs. US.
electoral and party systems: Duverger's law
Welfare state and its future
Liberalism and its in-system critics: (liberalism, cultural conservatism, multiculturalism, democratic
socialism, feminism)
they dont want to get rid of liberalism but views the problems as something which much be
addressed for liberalism to survive
cultural conservatism: Bloom's critique (contradictions of liberalism: training ppl all values are
multiculturalism: liberal democracies are not unbiased to culture (upward mobility only
possible through assimilation)
democratic socialism: welfare state does not make enough concessions to achieve its own
feminism: similar to multiculturalism argument, liberalism being gender neutral is not true, and
by not addressing the gender differences we will never achieve true liberalism
Communism & Post-Communism
from Lenin to Stalin: Institutional Design
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