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Problems with Democracy

Political Science
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Jeffrey Kopstein

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Problems with Democracy
Democracy and Equity
Rules of the game laws, ethics.
Managing Diversity
Institutionalized uncertainty we never know the outcomes of the next elections
Variation of democracies not one model
Equality core of democracy.
1) Equality of Opportunity (Processes)
Interested in democratic process
Political equality –all treated politically equal and all citizens enjoy equality
Procedural democracy
Polyarchy (Robert Dahl) Public contestation (you all have the ability (citizens)
Inclusive participation (everyone can argue and contest)
2) Equality of Outcome (Consequences)
Political economic consequences
Procedural vs substantive democracy
Ex. Democracy welfare state rise of the welfare state mirrored to rise of democracy
Expectation of equal rights
Voter Turnout Rates
Canada -60% voter turnout
US Presidential and Midterm Low 50%
1) Collective Action Problems
Costs are high
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