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Communism and Facism

Political Science
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Jeffrey Kopstein

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Communism and Fascism
Both use to represent an alternative to democracy
Liberalism and Its Crisis
Long 19th century –peak of liberalisms appeal.
Liberal institutions develop even when social basics is not obviously present
Ex. Hungary copies British parliament building and its free fair election in 1990
Liberalism and the Working Class
Working class those who do not earn property
Wanted extension of franchise (vote)
Rise of social democracy in western Europe
Evolutionary socialism and reconciliation with liberal democracy electoral socialism
Revision of Marxism you can have an evolution without revolutionism
Why give up election, parliament?
Benstein you can cure capitalism! socialism.
Will manhood suffrage
What about the Revolution?
Revolution hardly discussed in western Europe
Russia –no constitution for 300 years no working class eventually thought
socialism would have to be different!
Lenin revolutionary movement under conditions of authoritarianism Russia
Workers only capable of trade union conscienseness
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