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Democracy Chinese Characteristics

Political Science
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Jeffrey Kopstein

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Democracy with Chinese Characteristics
China in the Modern Era
End of Qing Dynasty
Republic Revolution
Sun-Yet-Sen three principles of people *Nation, Democracy, Welfare*
Population crisis, economic crisis, nationalistic crisis (Manchurian outsiders) –prior
to revolution.
Non Democratic Modern China
Basket-case economy –now one of the largest economies in the world
China is not a democracy in theory, polyarchy, institutionalization
No separation of legislation, freedom, and opposition or level of uncertainty
No alternative to Chinese communist party
Turns all theories on their heads our theories are wrong.
China should be democratic?
A Democratic Revolution
High tide of Maoist socialism (1949-56)
100 Flowers Movement (1956) –authority questioned!
Anti-Rightist campaign (1957) –patriotism questioned!
Great Leap Forward (1958-62) communism, industry, social, economic, work
Cultural Revolution (1966-76) Ten Lost Years
Yet no democratic revolution! Regime under Maoist a disaster.
A Modernizing China
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