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Lecture 2

POL101Y1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Hewer, Refugees Of The Syrian Civil War, Protocol Relating To The Status Of Refugees

Political Science
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Randall Hansen

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the flight of refugees around the world
-background - refugees and “person’s of concern”
UNHCR:59,500,000 persons of concern in 2014
19500000 refugees
32 200000 IDPs assisted by UNHCR
3500000 under UNHCR’s stateless mandate
refugees: any person who owing to a well founded fear of being persecuted for
reasons of race religion nationality membership of a particular social group ,
or political opinion, is outside the county of his nationality, and is unable to or
owing to such fear is unwilling to avail himself of the protection of that
country-1951 un refugee convention
internally displaced persons: forced to flee their homes but remains within
country’s boarders
statelessness: the lack of any nationality, or the absence of a recognized line
between any individual and state
- hannah arendt and forced migration
the decline of the nation-state and the end of the rights of man
a displacement in inter-war europe
the decline of a nation state
forced migration of interwar europe
- traditional methods of asylum were not used because of the huge amount of
- governments feared that by assimilating them into a state it would further
denationalize them
- incentive to avoid the costs of taking in the refugees
- criminalizing refugees so that they don't have to take them in
eg spanish refugees in france
- the criminalization of refugees..
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- the loss of membership
after the world war, europe’s boarders redrawn
individuals who didn't have any citizenship became widespread across europe
- no rights
the right to have rights
- “we became the aware of the existence of a right to have rights (and that
means to live in a framework hewer one is judges y ones actions and
opinions) and a right to belong to some kind of organized community only
when millions of people merged who had lost and count uno regain thesis
right because of the new global political situation
- “the fundamental deprivation of human rights is manifested first and above
all the deprivation of a place in the world which makes opinions significant
and actions effective”
international protection
- first aid protection
- granting sanctuary within their territory
- three norms:
duty to provide asylum (non refoulment- can't push refugees back into
burden sharing- all states have responsibility to provide protection
assistance- recognizing refugees’ difference to migrants
- all countries contribute to refugee system regardless of them hosting
- 1967 protocol and regional mechanism that approached overtime and un
refugee convention,1951 refugee convention
the thee durable solutions
- repatriation: : an alternative for those who cannot go home is coordinating
with he country of origin and host countries to help refugees return home
- local integration: integration of refugees in the host community, allowing
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