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Lecture 10

POL101Y1 Lecture 10: expulsion polysci

Political Science
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Randall Hansen

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Monday, February 8, 2016
expulsion (poly sci)
-expulsion, citizenship, statehood: germany, palestine, and india 1945-1951
-contigent- as a matter of historical fact tends to be there
-state- institution that has monopoly on violence
-expulsion before ww2
expulsion in europe
-25thousand muslims expelled
-ottoman vs christian europe
-ottomans pushed back and muslims expelled
-1930s and ww2
-expulsion after ww2
-israel/ palestine
zionist terror
attack on king david hotel
operation agatha- june 1989?
israel is partly founded by terrorists
UN entered ^ debate as the british pulled out and the partisan plan was put forward
plan to create two states- palestinian and jewish state
-match population with states
violence broke out- israli and arab conflict evidence shows that arabs seem to have
launched the attack first
april of 1948- active defence
-zionists become israli went from passive defence to active defense- send out
armies to consolidate jewish controls over entire towns and jewish populations
outside of 1947 boarder policy lines
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