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Lecture 16

POL101Y1 Lecture 16: eugenics and sterilization poly sci

Political Science
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Randall Hansen

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Monday, February 29, 2016
eugenic ideas and fired sterilization
why was eugenics sterilization so popular and why did countries force eugenics
sterilization policy adopted in some us states and why not in others
-^answer: it was adopted in states in which the superintendent of the home for the
“feebleminded/metal disability” supported it and where Roman Catholic Church
was too small, new or badly organized to block it
-roman catholic church tried to stop it
Why did eugenic sterilization not only continue but increase after ww2?
-Answer^: it did so because the pro eugenic sterilization lobbyists changed their
argument and embedded sterilization not in eugenics but in the rights of he child
in fear for population growth and i fear her welfare
eugenics science of encouraging breeding and the fit whilst discouraging breeding
among others
Rested on thee core ideas:
-feeble minded were outbreeding the fit
-heredity and outbreeding = someday country made of only feeble minded
supported by progresses; widespread support among eugenicist
eugenics a comprehensive programming effect
-family policy
the right ppl to have more children
-immigration policy
keeping inferior race to stay out of country
-sterilization policy
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