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lecture for sept. 29th, 2010

Political Science
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Rebecca Kingston

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Pol200 sep. 29, 2010
Plato2: the just city, or justice in the soul writ large
Glaucoma--Plato’s brother
3 important things going on in book 1:
1-to acknowledge justice as a good
2-the right sphere of thinking about justice
3-impicit lesson: to be fully justice is to give a full account of justice
to know justice is to give a full, consistent and coherent account of what justice is
3 important characters:
1-Cephalusfulfilling ur obligation by paying debt to the Gods
we are just when we do what the authorities tell us
lack of theoretical reflection
Socrates: 331C
Objection to this view: never to lie-provides a gap between what this justice serves and
the demands of justice
Justice not just in relation to those involved but about the greater good, beyond our
perception of character or our own relationships
-a question of good willdoing good to ur friends and harm to ur enemies
central to this view: loyalty
problem: we all can be deceivedppl can seem good but are dishonestperceptions are
not always correct and the judgments of other ppl are not
336Bdefends a view of justice to an abuser of power
defines justice as the advantage of the stronger:
his 1st position: might is right argumentrelativist understanding of justiceadvantage
of the established gov’t (in other words, there is no such thing as justice)
2nd position: justice is the opium of the people, that it is something that keeps people
down, ppl just follow cuz they thing is good but it keeps ppl away from the powerful
justice is a means of advancing particular interests
an indictment of democratic rhetoric
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